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Dream Moon Creators

Lucy & Michael 

I want to tell you a story about how it all began!

Travel has become an integral part of our lives. It inspires us like nothing else. Asia has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration. 


Overwhelmed by inspiration, I drew a lot: abstract images, patterns of Indian elements, mandalas with motifs of Thailand and Bali, unconscious drawing, portraits of Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, the, and their incredible world, and much more. Nature and elements of Asian architecture are hooked the most - fancy shapes, curves, curlicues, reliefs, decor, attention to detail in every centimeter of huge buildings and especially temples. Religion! Of course, I was much inspired by the Asian faith. Multifaceted Hinduism, in its various manifestations, Buddhism, a strange Balinese animism-Hinduism with the worship of the spirits of the island, shamanism. I wanted to get to know all these religions better.


So my drawings became more and more meaningful and filled, both spiritually and energetically.


Drawings began to be born - charms that could be hung around the house, thereby creating a particular energy space. This is both protection and balancing of energies. This is the normalization of harmony, tranquility. Even then, without knowing it myself, I created something that will inspire me to create jewelry in the future. I saw this inspiration in my drawings! It was like magic. In each of my sketches, I began to see elements of jewelry; I began to separate them, drawing small details separately. So the first sketches of ornaments started to appear. It was 2014 during one of our travels; can you imagine how long ago? The flow swept me. I drew only one design for a few weeks! Without any goals, the flow just went, and I just drew.

Over the past four years, such inspiration came to me more than once, and at some point, I realized that I needed to do something about it.


Sketches were no longer placed in a folder, and at some point, they became difficult to transport; some began to get lost. Then we realized that these sketches had a greater purpose than simply gaining dust on a shelf.


So, we finally matured to what was going on unconsciously all this time. Jewelry began to be realized! These pieces were created to please other people, to transfer my inspiration to them.





Founder and Art Director


Founder and Executive Director


Intern, Junior Assistant


Office Manager, Relaxation Specialist

Our creations

Each of us has a vast potential for creativity.

Being on a wave means going ahead of yourself, not having time to think.

To be in a stream means to move in a wave, to feel every drop of rain, to let the shine out of the depth, realizing the purity of the source.

Lucy N.


Lucy is the founder and co-owner of Dream Moon. This devoted wife and mother seeks to capture the beauty of nature in each of her pieces, thus bringing Dream Moon to life. 

A Note from Mikhail


Everything beautiful begins with love! Love for people, nature, the world, and everything that surrounds us in the most profound sense, without the shackles of affection and illusions of the mind. It all starts with peace of mind, a smile on your lips, and love in your heart. In these vibrations, we built Dream Moon. Luda is my inspiration, advisor, and critic; she is the best thing that happened in my life. She has an incredibly subtle intuition and perception of this world; she can see invisible connections, see the energy flows of the universe and transfer them to paper. When she first talked about the idea of ​​creating jewelry, I knew that we would succeed. Even then, I was sure that her inner perfectionist caretaker would do something outstanding. Even now, packing packages, I get great pleasure from the thought that our works of art delight and protect their owners all over the world. Luda is more than just a designer; she is a creator, one who is aware of the power to choose and create the surrounding universe. Love you!

Michael N.


As executive producer, Mikhail is heavily involved in all stages of production. His goal is to make sure that his wife’s visions become a reality so that costumers receive a stunning piece of jewelry. 


Creating with a loved one is a great gift. I knew I wanted to bring my wife’s sketches to life, as art is not meant to collect dust on a shelf. Therefore, I wanted to share her creations with the world. Even though this process came with its own set of difficulties, it was worth it.



A Note from Lyudmila


Michael and I have different energies. He is the businessman, and I am the creative one. When I first talked about the idea of creating jewelry, I knew his intelligence, courage, and diligence would help our company become a success. His inner positivity helps find light in even the darkest of situations, and his knack for managing the company allows me the freedom to create my designs without the burden of dealing with the managerial aspects of owning a business. I leave that to him. 






I take most of my inspiration from nature. There are never mistakes in nature; nature combines colors, textures, and forms in a perfectly harmonious way. As such, nature is the best artist, architect, and designer. 


When designing my jewelry, I rely quite heavily on symmetry. For many years, symmetry and the mirror reflection of the elements have been my favorite technique while drawing, whether it be paintings, simple sketches, or sketches of jewelry. For me, symmetry is integrity, harmony, completeness, and balance of the set of elements that make up the whole picture, and the most ideal symmetry I have ever seen is in nature. The basis of all life is the golden ratio, sacred geometry. All life around us—DNA molecules, snowflakes, cones, flower petals, crystals, tree branches, shells, stars and planets, the air we breathe—is all based on perpetual codes of sacred geometry. I want to convey this harmony in my jewelry. I want my pieces to be a harmonious continuation of nature, not just the nature that surrounds us but also the inner nature: the nature of the human soul.


It is incredibly important to love what you do. Our successful launch of Dream Moon was based on a balance of love, faith, strength, and naiveté. If I had known that things were not going to be easy, I might not have started the process in the first place, which is why my naivety was so important. I knew I wanted to design and create, but the ideas were not there. A year ago, we saw our first products in silver, and we really liked them. But in reality, they were terrible: poor polishing, poorly inserted stones, not the quality of product we wanted to offer. The first factory was definitely a disappointment, but the products were made, so there wasn’t much we could do other than learn from the experience. Having been through these tribulations, I am thankful for three things: faith, love, and childish innocence.



In many countries, the moonstone is considered sacred due to its mystical effects. This mineral responds very strongly to the phases of the moon. These are not just beautiful words, friends; we have repeatedly noticed this as well! And I confess, it causes goosebumps when you see how its glow changes! In the new moon, the stone seems to be poured with moonlight; its surface becomes cold, the color becomes noticeably brighter. As the lunar disk in the sky diminishes, the radiance of the stone decreases noticeably. Thus, it is possible to observe the invisible connection of the moonstone with the satellite of the Earth.

The gentle white-gray-bluish color with shimmering tints, indeed, resembles moonlight. The shade of the stone is like no other. Translucent crystals are extremely rare in nature and have a silky shine. But, it is not just brilliance; it is a very peculiar specific optical effect, which is formed by transparent prismatic or lamellar crystals with bluish-white shimmer. It looks like real magic! 


Adularization - this is the name of the flickering of moonstones. It’s an amazing phenomenon, which is formed due to the internal structure of the stone. When the light rays fall on the moonstone, they are refracted and scattered, forming a one-of-a-kind light phenomenon. 

Rainbow moonstone derives its name from its incredibly beautiful shine, containing pink, blue, yellow and other shades of the rainbow. It's amazing to see how the shine changes. At one time, the stone can be transparent and almost colorless, but with a slight turn to the side, it begins to shine pink, and towards evening, the moonstone begins to glow bright blue! In all its states, it pairs perfectly with silver. Like all stones, the rainbow moonstone has its own properties, and because of its connection to the moon, moonstones represent tenderness, love, romance, and fertility. In the Middle Ages, this mineral was a talisman of lovers and a pledge of the tenderness of their feelings.Among the magical properties of the mineral is also the fulfillment of desires.


Traditionally, moonstones are considered a stone for "new beginnings." They are also a symbol of inner growth and strength. Adular (so-called rainbow moonstone) removes emotional instability and stress, stabilizes emotions, and gives peace of mind. Due to its ability to generate inspiration, moonstones are a favorite of people in creative professions. They are also known to protect people while traveling. 



As a child, my mom had a pair of moonstone earrings with a matching pendant. I tried them on often, and I was always fascinated by their radiance. Moonstone has always been one of my favorites. In our jewelry, we use a rainbow moonstone. It has an iridescent color glow; the intensity of which is always different. Depending on the lighting, the phase of the moon, and the carrier energy, the stone can either glow slightly pearl-pink or have an almost blue saturated glow. These changes are always amazing, like a living stone that has its own mood, which changes each day. It continues to surprise me that this special stone gets so little attention. It’s considered a semiprecious stone, but for me, it’s even more beautiful than the precious stones. You won’t find such a shine in a diamond. The moonstone is the symbol of our brand, a symbol of the lightness and magic with which it was created. It represents the love that goes into every piece of our jewelry. 


It goes without saying that our products are divided into two full collections, each of which traces its distinctive elements. Although marketing conventions dictate that collections should be released six months apart, we simply could not wait that long. We love these products too much and wanted to share them with you!



All our jewelry is wonderfully and harmoniously combined with each other; they are all united by the creator’s delicate taste, characteristic stylistics, forms, light elegance, and harmony. Therefore, they can be worn both individually and collectively. Moreover, each piece of jewelry is self-sufficient and unique. You can combine Dream Moon decorations with absolutely any style of clothing! This versatile jewelry can accent a dress and high heels or complement jeans and sneakers. You can wear Dream Moon jewelry as you relax on the beach. The options are endless, and the choice is yours!



The ability to see the beauty in everything, the ability to see good, to distinguish it from the mass of what is happening, the ability to see the love in everything is the most important skill in life, and it should be learned at a young age. The second most important skill a person can possess is the ability to give easily and disinterestedly! Give beauty, give kindness, and give love! It's simple; if we were taught this in school, then society would be completely different. This is something that could truly change the lives of many people for the better and make them happy!

This beauty is for you!


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