All Dream Moon products are marked according to American standards. If you already know your size but do not know what American label it corresponds to, just use this information.

How to find out your size?

Finding your size is not difficult; just follow our tips. During the day, the size of your finger can vary, many factors can influence this: time of the day, your fatigue, the amount of water you have drunk, and the surrounding temperature. For measuring, it is better to choose the most favorable conditions, namely in the afternoon at room temperature.

- Take a string and wrap it around your finger.

- Mark the point from the beginning of the thread to the point where the threads matched.

- Measure the thread (circumference) with a ruler in millimeters.

- Compare the result with the table; that is, if your result is 53 mm, this means your size is 6.5.

- The value may not exactly match; in this case, see the closest value.

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We choose only the best, highest quality materials.

We process them with great care and add love to each of our products.



• All products are made of 925 silver. Quality control is carried out at every stage of production. Therefore, all our jewelry is of high quality and durable.


• Our products are hypoallergenic. There are no impurities in the materials or additional coatings that could irritate the skin. Moreover, silver has healing and slightly magical properties, making it an excellent addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.


• Our products use the semiprecious stones of Amethyst and Moonstone. You can read about the properties of these wonderful stones below.


• Love is an integral component of each product; each of our silver pieces is saturated with ancient symbols, the energy of creation, and deep meaning.

• Our jewelry maintains its beauty and luster longer due to added coatings, which give the jewelry a longer life. However, because of this longer life, the material may fade or scuff due to extended wear.  To remedy this, just brush the product with soda or toothpaste, and your jewelry will be restored to its original brilliance. Of course, you can also have the product cleaned by a jeweler if you wish.


Here is such a wonderful story I once heard. It makes you think and inspires the even deeper study of silver."I remember how, in early childhood, my grandmother collected all the silver that was in the house: spoons, crosses, rings, and threw them into a three-liter jar, pouring it with artesian water. The ritual was called water purification. She explained that silver has tremendous healing power and ability to transfer it to water, purifying water from bacteria, and making it very tasty and useful. We, kids, drank "silver water" with great pleasure and seemed to stay healthier longer." 


Silver has always been my favorite, and that is why we chose it as a basis of our jewelry line. Knowing the individual properties of silver and these semiprecious stones, imagine what they can do when paired together!


Lucy - Dream Moon Designer and Soul

In magic, silver is considered the purest metal associated with the Moon and Yin energy. Therefore, silver amulets and jewelry can strengthen the intuition of those who wear them. Additionally, the positive purifying energy of silver is able to withstand external negative influences, which is why talismans and amulets against the evil eye and spoilage are most often made of silver. Or, for example, remember that only a silver bullet can kill a werewolf. Silver jewelry makes its owner prudent, calm, and balanced. It also helps its wearer to concentrate better. Silver can even reduce insomnia because of its effects on the nervous system.

In each product, the soul lives.

It has long been known that silver has the properties to quickly and effectively neutralize the harmful flora in the human body without harming the beneficial flora. 


Even at school, chemistry classes taught us that even a small amount of dissolved silver could kill microorganisms in the water. And the water stored in a silver vessel does not deteriorate for a long time, because the silver of the vessel itself kills microorganisms that multiply when rotting. Modern research methods have proven that silver has not only antiseptic properties; in addition, it also has a good effect on life processes in the human body.


Everything is fleeting, and therefore, priceless.

Spend these invaluable fleeting moments enjoys nature’s beauty.

Feel it.

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Moonstone is a mascot of people of creative professions: writers, musicians, artists. It reveals their talents, gives inspiration, and encourages creative impulses. It is a stone of love and harmony with the environment. In many nations, moonstones are considered more valuable than gold or money.


The moonstone is filled with special strength during the full moon. Its glow excites people’s dreaminess, softness, tenderness, relieves tension, eliminates anger, and excessive self-confidence.

During a full moon, moonstones begin to shine brighter than usual, hence the name moonstone. Moonstones are inextricably linked to the moon. One of the qualities of moonstone is its ability to change color. According to researchers, the stone can change color depending on the phases of the moon. In the new moon, for example, the marble becomes almost transparent and acquires a milky-white shade. Its shine practically disappears. At this time, the stone can be quite warm to the touch. This quality is still surprising scientists; they cannot understand why this process occurs.

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At the onset of a full moon, the stone becomes more transparent, acquires a bluish tint, and begins to glow blue. Sometimes a cloudy white spot appears on the stone, which increases with the rising of the moon. In the new moon, the stone becomes cold, sometimes even icy. It is because of this feature that it is still credited with magical properties, which, according to legend, are amplified during this period of time.



Why Amethyst? Amethyst has very unusual properties. It is believed that amethyst gives a person insight, extinguishes mental pain and anxiety, and fills a person with good intentions. It favorably affects the weak and unstable aura; it is often used to cleanse the space, both external space and the space of the soul. Moreover, amethyst can convert negative energy into positive energy.


We are confident that our amethyst jewelry will be an excellent talisman for its owner.


Amethyst is a reasonably powerful mineral that, like others, is capable of storing energy. This energy can be both positive and negative. Just imagine how many people looked at the stone or even touched it before you purchased and received this piece of jewelry. You never know how many people have come into contact with the stone. Amethysts not only store energy from a person but also from a room, space, or even a situation.

There are several ways to care for the stone, but the easiest and most affordable method is water. If you have the opportunity to put a stone or a product with a stone in a stream and/or bathe it in the waves of the sea, this is the best option. However, the stream of running water from the tap is quite suitable for cleaning. Put a stone or a product with a stone under a stream of cold water for 10-15 minutes. If you hold it in your hands, it will take only 2-3 minutes. Note that amethyst can begin to change its color under water, but this is only temporary. After rising, the pigment will return. Warm temperatures may cause more color change, so it’s best to keep the water cool. The purified mineral will fully interact with your energy and will be an excellent ally!

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If you want happiness, make another happy. If you are tired of loneliness, become a friend to someone so that this person does not feel lonely. If you want joy, please others. It doesn't really matter what you want to experience. The closest way to experience these feelings is to give the same experience to others. Do not wait until the world provides you with what you want. Be a source for others. If you want to receive gifts, start giving them.

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